PHYTO is the story of a man and his 40 year long twin passion for plants and hair. Patrick Ales is a visionary pioneer who has spent a lifetime putting all of nature's secrets to work in the name of beauty.

The Phyto hair treatment range delves into the heart of the plant world to find the most effective active ingredients in an effort to preserve hair's health and natural beauty.

Each Phyto product may contain up to 40 ingredients including all forms of essential oils and plant extracts.

Phyto is a pioneering company in the respect for nature, boasting model factories and laboratories with regard to environmental protection and ecological ethics.

Phyto covers every hair care need from treatment and maintenance to color protection and styling. Our line is divided into specialized segments, such as color-treated, dry, volume and anti-frizz. Phyto recommends alternating between segments in order to achieve best results.

Phyto’s extensive range of treatments targets every scalp condition from dry, oily, itchy or flaky to lifeless and thinning hair. High concentrations of essential oils purify the scalp, stimulate micro-circulation, and regulate sebum production to strengthen and rejuvenate hair. All Phyto products are formulated to protect the delicate ecosystem that makes up the hair and scalp.

We don't simply sell Phyto products online; we are dedicated Phytologists hair professionals. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to view our videos.

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