Phyto PhytoPlage Recovery Spray

phytoplage recovery spray
Phyto PhytoPlage Recovery Spray 125ml

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Leave in express treatment for instantly detangling and repairing damaged hair weakened by exposure to sun, salt and chlorine. Formulated with the active ingredient Kerarice derived from rice. Kerarice protects and repairs the hair's keratin fibre reducing the damaged proteins and increasing the amino acids present. It also offers protection against lipid peroxidation provoked by sun rays and preserves colour radiance. Also with Saffron Extract a protective anti-oxidant.

-Nourishes and restructures deep-down to repair damaged hair
-Protects, hydrates and repairs the hairs keratin Restores softness and shine to the hair
-Facilitates detangling
-No rinsing required

Directions for use:
- Spray PhytoPlage After-sun Recovery Spray on dry or damp hair focusing on the ends. Smooth hair. Do not rinse.
- Rinse thoroughly.
- Repeat