Phyto PhytoPlage Huile Sublimante

Phyto plage huile sublimante
Phyto PhytoPlage Huile Sublimante 100ml

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Lightweight formula that leaves hair supple and shiny and skin incredibly soft and silky. It rehydrates and rejuvenates deep into the skin and hair to revive radiance.

PhytoPlage Sublime After-sun Oil is a blend of extraordinary and rare oils with high nutrient value. Perilla Oil; natural restructuring, fortifying and nourishing properties. Buriti Oil; regenerating properties, hydrating, restoring radiance to colour as well as Tan enhancing. Annatto Oil; moisturising and protective action. Camellia Oil; nourishing, protective and softening.

-Rehydrates and rejuvenates deep into the skin and hair
-Regenerates, nourishes and moisturises
-Restores radiance to colour
-Enhances tanning results
-Soothes and reinforces cutaneous elasticity

As a pre-shampoo treatment: Leave Sublime After-sun Oil on for 10 minutes or more, depending on hair's dryness, then rinse thoroughly.

As a finishing touch: On thick hair, apply on dry hair then proceed to styling.

For skin: Apply oil to the entire body.